Cue Coffee Leicester

CUE Coffee

A brunch well exe-cue-ted 🍳

We visited CUE in March when it first opened and we weren’t overly impressed. This month we visited again for a proper review, and we were glad to have given it a second chance!

CUE sits perfectly in Stoneygate amongst other well-established independent shops and cafés. But it’s not just ‘another’ coffee shop. The decor is simple and minimalist with an air of elegance that’s accentuated by the classy tableware. The menu has a good selection of breakfast, brunch, lunch and pudding options too 😋. The feel and food is completely different to their sister coffee shop – Northern Cobbler, but the vibe is just as chilled 😎.

CUE Coffee Leicester

Our Order

Eggs Shakshuka


Wow – there was a real kick to this Shakshuka 🔥, not too much that you struggle to eat it, but just enough to keep it moreish. There was a smokiness to the rich tomato and red pepper base but it was very well balanced with the addition of crumbled feta, fresh coriander and the gooey eggs. The small side salad kept it refreshing and the sourdough, although a little hard, gave the dish a great contrasting texture.

Eggs Shakshuka

Eggs Florentina


From the first bite I wanted to devour it in seconds 🐻! I forgot to request it without hollandaise as I don’t usually like it but this one was lovely and very mild in flavour. Combined with the parmesan cheese it became a rich creamy sauce that really complemented the earthy mushrooms and soft poached eggs. The roasted baby potatoes added bulk to the dish, and with the crunchy sourdough toast, that dish was polished clean 😋.



This was a very impressive brunch! The shop itself is simple yet sophisticated. Food was refined, packed full of flavour and portions were spot on. CUE have certainly branded their own mark on the brunch and coffee shop scene and I think it’s going to be one of our favourites in Leicester. If the food hasn’t tempted you then I’m sure the coffee will. So what are you waiting for; this is your cue to go 🏃🏻.